NCCN National and Sub-National Report

National Competitiveness Report and Sub National Competitiveness Index

Given Nigeria’s performance in the World Economic Forum’s – Global Competitiveness Report and the World Bank’s – Doing Business report, it has become crucial for Nigeria’s government and private sector to engage in developing a clear competitiveness agenda and implementing vibrant competition strategies centered around creating the appropriate business environment with the aim of boosting collective prosperity in Nigeria.

Nigeria’s financial market has emerged from the global financial crisis in a macroeconomic environment that is adjudged stable. The country also benefits from an efficient labor market and a relatively large market size that presents an opportunity for economies of scale, an important factor for attracting investment. Nigeria still needs to take steps to diversify its economy to reduce dependency on revenue from mineral resource exports and and improve the business environment to increase long-term competitiveness.

The National Competitiveness Council of Nigeria’s (NCCN) “National Competitiveness Report” will expand on the framework and methodology used in the World Economic Forum’s – Global Competitiveness Report. The report intends to provide a more indepth insight into the challenges to improved competitiveness in Nigeria.

The National Competitiveness Council of Nigeria’s (NCCN) “Sub National Competitiveness Index” expands on the scope of the World Bank’s – Doing business report to assess the regulation surrounding the ease with which businesses are able to set up and conduct business in all 36 states in Nigeria. The report aims to stimulate competition amongst the states and identify opportunities for investment by benchmarking the ease of doing business across the 36 states of Nigeria.

The hope is that these reports will focus policy discourse around competitiveness issues and provide a platform for Nigerian policy makers, key decision makers in business and other stakeholders to identify best practice and design policies that will result in increased collective prosperity in the country.