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Job Posting: Project Research Lead

Role: Project Research Lead

Job Description: The main responsibility of the Project Research Lead is to coordinate and supervise the development of the Subnational Index Report through planning, organizing, and supervising activities involved in bringing the project to fruition.

Scope of Work

● Select research methodology to operationalise the theoretical framework.

● Identify internal and external project requirements.

● Translate concept note to comprehensive work plan and establish project organogram.

● Collaborate with the central coordinating team to develop comprehensive TORs for capacity acquisition; Engaging data gathering agents and opinion research consultants.

● Initiate data gathering and evaluation process.

● Supervise the collection of primary data and evidence from the relevant government ministries, departments and agencies.

● Establish clear feedback mechanism across all geopolitical zones.

● Supervise the electronic transmission of data to NCCN secretariat.

● Assist in authoring research reports, briefing notes, policy papers, and other materials as required.

● Prepare and communicate on an ongoing basis, regular progress reports; and provide day-to-day support on the tasks of the other teams involved in data gathering and analysis.

Selection Criteria

● Academic specialization:

o PhD in economics, statistics, public policy or any social science field with a strong quantitative research component.

o Good command of microeconomics, econometrics, industrial organization, or related fields is strongly preferred. International experience/education is an advantage.

● Direct Experience is desired but not essential.

● Language:

● Interpersonal skills:

o Superior written and oral communications skills in English are essential.

o Demonstrated ability to work effectively and sensitively in teams and with government agencies.

o Demonstrable experience conducting and analyzing field research and managing a local research team.

● In-depth understanding of the social, institutional, and political environment in Nigeria.


The Ideal Candidate

  • Strong research skills
  • Possess the capacity to liaise with contractors and third parties
  • Have knowledge of numerical and statistical packages
  • Less than 32 years old
  • Less than 5 years’ experience

Please send CV’s with cover letters to